Browing in the wind

Since we are back from one month of Europe adventure, we had no time to rest, 
Dean and I just needed to work hard all the time to catch up.

The most unfortunate reality is Koto is back in injured again. 
We were expected her to be totally back in shape after the one month of break. 
but she torn her back leg tendon again.  Not just little one - required little surgery with ACP injection. It has been very emotional couple of month, driving to the vet twice a week. 

She is nearly 9 years old. but still handful and still crazy. she really is amazing and fun girl but we just want her to be healthy and happily run everyday.  So much frustration. 
Agility high season and training started november, so many agility seminars and competitions...but Niah is still not perfectly in good shape.  
This made me to think about having one month of dream travel also risk our dog's health and happiness.  My dogs are not in good shape, Feels down and exhausted from frustration.  But  I will always keep my self positive and focus on great and happy things we are doing right now :) Because I love my dogs and I love my life in Australia.

Busy October and November passed like a wind.  

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