Fun days ahead!

whoooa! Already more than a month since I wrote last post about the Nationals on my blog  :(
It's my laziest blog update record (shame on me!!) Hope you haven't abandoned Koto and Niah's update blog,,,, as I just did !! 

Melbourne is in the middle of cold and wet winter, not much happening here. Just being working bee! so busy everyday, and to be honest, getting board with winter! but I would say, We are all happy and progressing something everyday :D

Niah is coming back normal him.
Back on agility training, letting him to run full speed at the park, Hill walk, Long walk, and various core strength exercises.  Agility training with Niah is getting better :)
He is like... 85% back.
Still not perfect after the exerciese and when he is fatigue, he make me nervous about another injury, or limp, but not too bad for now.

Koto was so good until very recently, but unfortunately she slipped in Tunnel at night training and strain iliopsoas muscle about a month ago.
yes, back to the Vet... Back to lazer...No action again for awhile.

Something new?
We've finally got our dream car Red-Jeep Wranglar.
It's been awesome driving a real 4WD, not just Family-City oriented SUV.
Fun days ahead!

Another news is I finally bought a Canon SLR camera!!
so here we are, I will be taking a better (?) photos of Koto and Niah from now on!

And we are leaving to my journey to Europe in 3 weeks! My dream to visit  European alps, and climbing dolomite is coming true, and that is why I bought a camera.
Also visiting my virtual agility coaches in Croatia, and meeting the most generous and happy online class mate Gabi and Bono! So unreal,Dream is coming true!
Agility world championship, here we come :D

あっという間に時間がたっていました。 前回書いたのがナショナルの事、、と言う事はかれこれ3ヶ月も最近の報告なし。。琴とニアの永遠と教える事が山積みのトレーニングを完全放棄しているのでは? と思われたかもですね 笑 はい、放棄ぎみでした!
メルボルンの冬は本当に雨おおく、毎日本当に寒し、最近は寒いなか仕事に追われる冬の生活に飽き飽き、本当に嫌になってきましたが それでもモチベーションは下がっていません、毎日元気に前進中です。 

ニアは85%元通りとでもいいましょうか、、まだ本調子じゃないなぁと思う所があちこちと。なので今は体心を鍛える運動、スクワット、ボール、ヒルウォーク、長距離の散歩などを中心に運動させています。お陰で 筋肉は随分増えて、体重は少し減りました。


真っ赤なマニュアルの4WDジープラングラーとCanon SLRカメラをゲット!



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