Sheep herding 3rd lesson -Confident building-

We were at 3rd sheep herding lesson last Saturday, and I was also at agility trial on Sunday... 
To be honest, that was very bad choice, doing both herding and agility in one weekend! Because... I totally didn't know there were sheep... 
oh so many many sheep RIGHT next to agility ring on Sunday !! 

Yeah, Niah was so excited about sheep at agility- and didn't connect with me at agility... Weather was terrible, bad ground condition, not that exciting courses, 
It wasn't great day at all on Sunday....
so we didn't have luck for agility as you can imagine! 

But how was herding?  
Hm... it was... very interesting.  
A lot of new behavior to learn. 
I've seen many of "Never seen my dogs do that" moment!!

We were back to the paddock where we had a first lesson at Instructor's house. 
Niah was doing alright.. but still broke troop a couple of times and just chasing around them.. then we notice that he only goes to back side of the sheep, and we finally realized that..
"Oh, He is a bit scared of sheep!!!"
Yes, Koto and Niah both never looks at Sheep's eyes. 

SO--- what we did was...
Confident building exercise.   
We put about 5 sheep in the pen, and we put dogs ON TOP OF sheep to get use to them. Also let Niah and Koto to look at Sheep's eyes, really deeply... 
For instance, If sheep are stuck in the corner, dogs needs to somehow find a way to push them, to do so, sheep dogs needs to crawl under the small gap and push back from where they are, and apparently that's one of the important sheepdog mission. 
Being stronger than sheep, being confident with Sheep.. 
Unfortunately, I didn't record what we did.. because both Koto & Niah were screaming.. 
So- No video or photo, but here is what I've seen (Not exactly! haha..)  

Koto and Niah had some moment that wagging their tail on top of sheep, getting very relaxed with them, it was just too funny.. and as soon as they move, back to super serious. They both started to show teeth to them. wow, my sweet boy is showing a teeth!!
Niah got confident with sheep quickly,    Koto is bit more timid (as always she is). 
A lot more things to work on, but they both show significant confident improvement this day.  What a exciting day for us.

土曜のハーディングがかなりフルオンだったので、ニアは羊ばっかり気にして集中力ゼロ、 コネクションゼロ、、そして天気最悪、グランドコンディションは悪し、

そして土曜のハーディングはどうだったかというと、これがかなーり 興味深い一日でした。
ニアや琴は 羊を追掛けたりまとめる事はわかってるのですが、ただ後ろをうろうろするだけで、羊の目を一切見ない様に 目をそらしながら後ろから近づいているんじゃない?
でも実は 今はRSPCA(動物保護団体)がやってはいけない(羊が傷つく事があるため)という条例をつくっているらしく禁止されています。。 そして、、、案の定 1匹の羊がパニックになりペンに激突!
でも やっちゃいけないんだよ、といわれながらも お勧めされた訳がよーく解りました。
琴はというと、、後ろから羊に噛み付いて行くくせに、同じく ちょっと恐い。。
今回は2匹が大興奮状態で写真が全然とれなかったので 合成写真をお楽しみあれ(笑)

そんなわけで、こんなエクササイズをした翌日に 羊が隣にいるリングでアジリティが出来る訳なーい!

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