end of 2014 month - looking back and planning for next!

 photos by amanda mercat

 photos by Sal Robinson

今年のアジリティは ランニングコンタクトをどんどんトライアルで使い、
徹底的に学び直す事が出来ました。その後、OMDと比較的動きやTheoryが似ているJouni & IsabelleのオンラインコースにチャレンジしてOMDで学んだ事をさらにブラッシュアップ。
ちゃんと終わらせた。。とは言いづらいのです。。彼のコースは激難!で 良い勉強になったのですが、、、

ブログを覗いてみたら 料金も良心的、しかもメールでレッスンの構成を聞いてみたら
クラス構成ではなく、One to Oneのレッスンだそうで、コースも私の苦手な所などを集中して作って下さるそう。 これは良心的♥ 大好きなジェニーちゃんのトレーニングパートナーでもあるし、期待できそう! 
しかもアジリティだけではなく、Life Lessonという日常の困った行動などの指導もしてくださるそう。これは 琴にぴったりだ!

とりあえず3月にJouni&Isabelleのシドニー、それから9月にDave Manningsに参加する予定。ちょっと速いけど来年も良いアジリティの年にしよう!

2014 has one more month left! What a great agility year it was!
I started with Running Excellent Agility with Running contact, then we've manage to get Masters Agility! This year, we only had 2 miss contact!
Niah is not a fast dog, so Contact is not as fast as I was hoping,,,
But speed is not everything! I am so happy with his confident, really happy.  So far, so good. 

We also attend OMD seminar, and it totally changed my old handling habit and started to understand about how to walk the course and agility theory.
After the seminar, I kept learning Finnish agility with Jouni&Isabelle, It was actually great lesson with him to extend what I learnt with Noora (omd) and use it in the actual course.  I took 2 lessons, one lesson contain 4 course- which were very high level to me, every few obstacle was challenge- but I manged to finished first one, and 2 more courses are left in second. It was really nice to learn.. but I struggle setting up the course in my small back yard! I want agility field :)

I'm planning next year- and I found Zeljko Gora is starting online lesson :)
He is one of my favorite handler, and also a training partner to Jenny Damm. I've been stalking Jenny and Zeljko's seminar in Japan for the last couple years and I was always sooo wanted to learn with them! Apparently, He will give me a specific course/curriculum, which is excellent. I am excited to learn with him. 
In march, I will go to Sydney again to attend Jouni&Isabelle, and Dave Munning in End of the year around October. Wow, Looking forward to the next year :D

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