EO 2012 Wow Silvia!!

BIG congratulation to Silvia & Bu, winning European Open 2012!
also Polona came in second! They are the best!!
its just so amazing and beautiful to watch! And here is my favorite dog in agility world!  10 years old la, how amazing is she!! 

LINKs to Silvia and other runs
Silvia & Bi (12th)

You can watch the most of EO2012 run here;

Another Huge congratulation to Maho Yamaguchi and Suzuka from Japan, winning Small in 1st place!

Agility is fun!!

oh- by the way,
Me and Niah won a Novice agility ring, in 1st place! :) on Saturday! 
One more to go to get a pass! 

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