alive rhythm

It is expression at "a rainbow-colored pattern or the stripe of color" about the rhythm " which all the things of -" universe whirl, and is circled and produced. 
- Saku Ishiyama -
He is 90-year-old Japanese gentleman!
a modern art artist Mr.Ishiyama with a "highly anticipated new modern art arrival" 
who has a possibility of rewriting an art history of Japan
He was born in 1921, and is impressed by the style of Taro Okamoto who met with his newspaper reporter days in 1951 in coverage, and entrance and the activity as a painter are started to a contemporary art research institute.
although his atelier was established in Yokohama and work had been continued from the 1960s, but He almost had no opportunity to introduce his work until now!
現代は生きたリズムが生まれるのを見忘れている。-石山朔-」 宇宙のあらゆるものが渦巻き旋回し生まれるリズム」を「虹色のパターンや色彩のストライプ」で表現。1960年代から500号(約 3.33×2.48メートル)の巨大キャンバス作品を中心に制作を続けている。日本の美術史を書き直す可能性を秘めた『大型新人』の横浜在住の現代抽象画家・石山朔さん  1921年生まれで、1951年の新聞記者時代に取材で出会った岡本太郎の作風に感銘し、現代美術研究所に入所、画家としての活動を開始。1960年代より横浜にアトリエを構え作品制作を続けてきたが、これまで紹介される機会が殆どなかったそう。90歳のおじいちゃんのデビュー展示会、素晴らしいです!

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