Sheep herding 1st lesson at Driving force working dog club!

We are finally back in sheep herding last weekend!
It has been 2.5 years since we stopped herding lesson.
This time, we are attending to another working sheep club for
2 reasons:

  • Koto's confident building:  Work on her reactive behavior to dogs and animals, We want to build her confidence and connection to us. 
  • Perhaps, start sheep herding trail with Niah next year.  This herding club has own trial using ISDS trail form, which is very exciting.  Always good to have something to work for and achievement.

Our new school was excellent, environment, teaching method and instructors are all great.  Instruction fee was very cheap for this environment too. We will be working on both in small pan to teach basic commands and learn what handler will do! 
Then, also take them to paddock, so that dog will learn how to bring sheep back to us. 
We did trail assessment day, both Koto and Niah had a 4 go in the pan and paddock. 
We are happy with what they have done, Specially Niah has good instinct of herding sheep in calmly.  Koto is more likely for moving a large mob of stock. 
Hope her barking and running will be less and she will figure out what to do, and not to waste her energy too much. But most important things for her is "life lesson" through sheep herding.  She is not really suitable for sheep herding... but we believe her timid, reactive, and anti-social behavior will improve!
Lets find out!

犬なしで3頭の羊をどうやって動かすのか? 100頭の羊はどうやって動かすのか? 
  • 琴に自信をつけさせて、犬へのアグレッション、動物へのリアクションを 減らす事。マナーを学ばせる、それから私達とのもっと深いコネクションを築く事。
  • ニアとトライアルをやってみる事。 
反対に良く吠える、スピードをつけてどんどん追いかける琴は100頭とか大きな群れの牛 や羊を動かす力を持っています。でも 正直、羊追い向きの犬ではありません。
とにかく琴はハーディングよりもマナーを学ばせる事と自信を付ける事が一番大切なのです。 ゆっくりやっていきます!

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